Galaxy S5: S Health Can Now Track Your Stress Levels

Samsung really upped the ante on fitness apps by offering S Health in Galaxy S5 handsets. The company has now rolled out an update to the S Health app, allowing the app to discern your stress levels in real-time.

S Health stress monitor

S Health relies on a whole plethora of sensors that come packed under the hood of Samsung Galaxy S5. The company’s primary aim in shipping all these sensors was to offer a fitness tracking system to Galaxy S5 users. And until now, the app has been used mostly by fitness-conscious users only.

But thanks to a new update to S Health, the app may finally be useful to a greater audience. In this new update, Samsung has added support to the app to manipulate the sensors into determining the stress level of a user. This will be done with the help of the built-in heart rate sensor.

Samsung has warned that the stress level measurements available on the app are not suitable for clinical uses. However, if you find the app monitor showing that you are at either of the extremes, you would better consult a doctor as soon as possible. The best thing the app does is show you how stressed you are at a given hour, and thus possibly prompt you to do something different to cheer yourself up.

Not only that, the app is able to provide you an hourly, daily and monthly feed of data related to your stress levels. In this way, for instance if you’ve had a month full of stressed and tense work, you can take a brief vacation to cool it.

Source: SammyHub

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