Vimeo Releases Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Vimeo, the popular website allowing easy video sharing announced aggressive expansion strategy with new apps designed for the three major mobile operating systems, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The new apps are designed to suit each platform and to enhance user’s experience according to each environment. If someone expects Vimeo to blindly take the iOS app and port it to Android and Windows Phone, that someone would be disappointed, as Vimeo redesigned its new app feature for feature.

Enthusiastic users who enjoyed not only to upload videos and share them with friends from their favorite social networks, but also browse, watch and comment videos from mobile platforms have Vimeo dedicated apps with new design and a fresh set of features.

The new Vimeo apps brought to Android have Google Plus integration, allowing users to add their clips to Google Plus account and to share them on Groups, Channels and Albums. Not to mention that from now on users can pause their downloads or uploads and then resume them at a later time. With this new strategy, Vimeo reveals its intention to focus on mobile devices, as the market trends showed that content consumption is far more intense from portable devices.


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