Virginia Police Released A New App For Receiving Crime Reports Easily

The Marion Police Department in Virginia has released a free iOS app called iWatch Marion. Through this app, citizens can report of a crime to police. Marion Police Department is encouraging citizens to use this app and report about any type of crime via this app.

iWatch Marion

iWatch Marion app was released on November 30 by iThinQware in collaboration with the Marion Police Department. This app allows users to receive alerts for missing children, crime, weather, and more. Besides, this app is an easy way to report potential crimes by uploading anything such as tips, emails, photos and video. After uploading the content (regarding crime), users can directly forward that to the police department.

Use Of iWatch Marion App

After receiving the message, the police department will analyse what type of information were shared with them. If it is crime related, they will track the location of sender and will order the closest police department to reach at that place as soon as possible.

This app is available for Apple and Android devices for free.

Source: 9to5mac


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