AR.Drone Quadcopter Controlled By Windows Phone 7 Proof-Of-Concept App

Given the fact that Windows Phone debuted after Android and iOS devices had been long launched; and that the platform is still to gain traction, it is only obvious that Windows Phone 7 users get most of the app in the end. A developer preferably rolls out an iOS version on the earliest, then an Android version and in few cases, finally a Windows Phone version. Same is the case with Parrot’s AR.Drone quadcopter controlling app.

While iOS and Android users can already control the AR.Drone quadcopter from their devices, some students have demonstrated that this can also be accomplished with Windows Phone 7. This has been demonstrated by some students at Texas A & M University.

For now, the app is basically just a proof-of-concept and is able to deliver very limited, basic functionality. For instance, all that the students accomplished through this app was get the quadcopter to life off and then land again, since the functionality for steering navigation hasn’t been added. John Brock, David Dornier and Alex Perovich were the ones who created the Windows Phone 7 version of the app and then demonstrated it in a video.

Although this won’t immediately be of any help to Windows Phone users, this does spell some hope for them. We can expect the more ambitious developers to take note or perhaps folks at Parrot’s notice ┬áthis and release an app supporting Windows Phone 7 devices for controlling the quadcopter.

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