Mozilla Announced To Launch Firefox Metro For Windows 8 On December 10

Mozilla had been working on Firefox for Metro for Windows 8 for long time. Now it seems like, Mozilla has come to the end of completing its work. Lately Mozilla has announced that it plans to launch Firefox Metro for Windows 8 on December 10.


In May of this year, Mozilla said that its developers would complete Firefox for Modern between Oct. 2, 2013, and March 20, 2014, with mid-November the likeliest date. And now Mozilla has confirmed that it will launch Firefox Metro for Windows 8 on Dec 10 along with Firefox 26. Mozilla Firefox Metro version will run on Windows RT as well as the tablet-side of Windows 8.

On the other side, before the final release of Firefox 26, Mozilla will pair the Modern version with the browser’s “Aurora” and “Beta” channel builds, which are to release Sept. 16 and Oct. 28, respectively. At each step, Mozilla will quash bugs and possibly respond to user feedback with changes.

However, right now Mozilla has planned to continue working on the Metro version of Firefox, killing bugs and streamlining the browser, until its release.

Source: Mozilla
Thanks To: The Next Web

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