Kinect For Windows SDK Will Get Significant Update On March 18

Last year in May, Microsoft released Kinect SDK for Windows version 1.5. Long time passed, but Microsoft hasn’t released any update to that version, which people have been waiting for long time. Finally, the waiting is over. Microsoft has announced that it would release an update to the Kinect SDK for Windows on Monday, March 18.

Kinect Fusion Brain

Microsoft is going to release Kinect for Windows SDK version 1.7, an update of version 1.5 tomorrow. Bob Heddle, Director of Kinect for Windows said that this is “our most significant update to the SDK since we released the first version.” This new version (1.7) is going to have long awaited Kinect Fusion, one of the most affordable tools for creating accurate 3-D renderings of people and objects. Besides, this new version will also include Interactions — which adds a whole variety of recognizable gestures to the Kinect for Windows SDK (“push-to-press buttons, grip-to-pan capabilities, and support for smart ways to accommodate multiple users and two-person interactions,” says Microsoft). Apart from these features, Microsoft has also decided to add code samples to its Kinect for Windows development site (CodePlex).

Heddle wrote in the blog, “The Kinect for Windows sensor, together with the SDK, can help you create engaging applications that take natural voice and gesture computing to the next level.”

Source:  Kinect for Windows

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