Microsoft Finally Unveils Windows Phone 8 “Apollo”

We have been hearing about Microsoft’s plans of unveiling its upcoming version of the OS for mobile platform – and today, at a ‘sneak peek’ event, Microsoft finally did let of some of the wraps from Windows Phone 8, which was formerly being called Apollo. The new version comes with many good news as well as some rather not so good news for current Windows Phone users.

Essentially, Microsoft seems to have plans of having some really powerful Windows Phone devices in the coming days. It is only inevitable that if the company wishes to persist in the smartphone industry, its mobile OS must run on competitive devices. And Microsoft seems all set to make that happen now.

Windows Phone 8 comes with a lot of hardware requirements. This essentially means that any device which doesn’t fulfill these hardware requirements wouldn’t be able to run Windows Phone 8.  Incidentally, all Windows Phone to date fall within this category. So if you own even the top-of-the-range Windows Phone device, such as Nokia’s Lumia 900, you wouldn’t be able to use Windows Phone 8. Rather, you will have to get the new phone with superior hardware to use it.

The hardware requirements for Windows Phone 8 include multi-core processors, a display that can go up to 1280 x 768 and external SD storage. This kind of hardware would enable Windows Phone devices to run faster games and superior apps which will be written in native code.

All of this will run on kernel which will be shared with Windows 8 as well as Windows RT. Essentially, this is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to have the same platform running in all kinds of devices, from smartphones to computers to laptops. And this has been accomplished with Windows Phone 8, a feat that really can make Windows Phone devices more precious.

As had been expected, Nokia maps are part of the very OS and there is also support for NFC wallet. Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone 8 will be released during fall this year, incidentally the same time when Windows 8 is expected to hit the shelves.

Source: Engadget

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