Pirates Trick Microsoft Into Granting Free Legitimate Windows 8 Activiation

In recent years, Microsoft has tightened the noose around fake Windows copies. However, it seems that the company left some security loopholes unattended in Windows 8. Taking advantage of this, a number of pirates have been able to have their pirated Windows 8 copies activated by Microsoft for free!

Windows 8

The process is a rather simple one and has been posted on Reditt. First of all, you need to lay your hands on a pirate copy of Windows 8. Get the copy into your system and start installation.

Once you reach the desktop during installation, you will be asked for a key to verify the copy which you can circumvent by applying a KMS activation and then going to the Windows Media Center upgrade. You are again asked for a key here which you can easily supply, given the fact that Microsoft has officially made Media Center upgrade keys available.

Once you achieve WMC upgrade, your copy of the Windows 8 will be official and deemed authentic. Interestingly, it seems that the activation achieved through this process is permanent and not just temporary.

According to a Reddit user, he is sure that the tricky procedure ensures permanent activation because:

“When you activate Windows via KMS, in the activation window it says “Windows is activated until…” and a date (so if you were to install it today, it would say it’s activated until May). After installing the upgrade, the window just says “Windows was activated on…” and the date of activation. That means the activation is permanent.

When you install the upgrade key, that replaces the existing product key; only the new upgrade key is used for future checks. Windows won’t check the key you used to install because it no longer has it.”

Source: Reddit

Courtesy: Windows Wave

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