Microsoft Offers Siri Rival On Windows Phone Devices

When Apple originally launched Siri, it was hailed as the most accurate and effective voice-based personal assistant. Since then, many rivals to Siri have arrived in the market. Now, Microsoft has rolled out an updated voice-based search feature to Windows Phone users, offering a functionality that is really good and accurate.

Windows Phone search

Apparently, the improved voice-based search that is now being rolled out to Windows Phone devices is a result of the collaboration between Microsoft and Bing. The twin teams have built a number of new features into the search so that it is able to more accurately understand the user and return results far more quickly.

In accomplishing this, the teams have made use of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). According to an official blog post, “DNN is a technology that is inspired by the functioning of neurons in the brain. In a similar way, DNN technology can detect patterns akin to the way biological systems recognize patterns.”

At the same time, Bing’s huge datasets have enabled the voice-search to discern the queries of the users with 15 percent better accuracy. Moreover, the update brings improved technology to Windows Phone handsets so that the voice-assistant is able to discern the queries of the users by dumbing down the background noise and focusing more on the voice of the user.

Although the Windows Phone search is still far behind Siri in terms of accuracy and functionality, Microsoft is on the right path and is catching up fast.

Courtesy: Tech Radar

Image courtesy: WPCentral

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