Microsoft Offers Windows Developers $100 Cash For New Apps

Microsoft has been trying hard to amass a greater number of apps for its Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. Currently, the company’s online marketplaces stand well behind both App Store and Google Play. In a bid to catch up, Microsoft is now offering Windows developers $100 on every new, approved app.

Windows Store

The offer is valid for both Windows Store and Windows Phone Store apps. Developers can submit up to 10 apps to each of these stores and thus, make a total of $2,000 if all their apps get approved.

There are certain limitations to this offer, though. Any submitted apps must adhere to the quality specifications that apply to all apps submissions on the two stores. Moreover, the developers must demonstrate that the app is meant for much more than merely winning the cash prize.

Finally, the cash prize will be awarded to the first 10,000 qualified entries and the deadline to submit apps is June 30th. It remains to be seen how successful this strategy turns out for Microsoft. The company has been pushing hard to bring in more apps from developers but so far, the growth of both Windows Store and Windows Phone Store has been mild, at best.

Moreover, there is also the concern that by offering cash incentives, Microsoft may inevitably compromise the quality of the apps hosted on these online marketplaces. BlackBerry has been using similar methods of luring the developers and the two companies are currently fighting the position of having the third largest apps marketplaces for their mobile platforms.

Source: Windows Dev Center

Courtesy: The Verge

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  1. Tsais

    wow, $100!

    That’s really going to convince all the shops that had so far decided not to make a WindPhone app…

    Brilliant strategy, Microsoft covering the cost of the first lunch to discuss who should be tasked with estimating the cost of the development of the new app.

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