Microsoft Surface Pro Gets 750,000 Android Apps, Thanks To BlueStacks

In the past, BlueStacks has helped bring hundreds of thousands of Android apps to both Mac and PCs. Now, the Android emulator has warmed up to Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets. The emulator has now added support for Surface Pro which means that users of the tablet can now help themselves to the 750,000 Android apps.


In the past, BlueStacks app player has been available to users of Windows PCs. However, the emulator didn’t have support for Windows 8 until now. With the new version, users of Windows 8 and specifically, Surface Pro tablets, can easily access and install Android apps without any hassles. The interface of the app player is metro-like, going well with the overall feel of Windows 8.

The release is a huge relief for Windows 8 users because the platform is yet to receive fully-functional version of many prominent apps such as Pinterest and Instagram. With BlueStacks, Windows 8 users no longer have to wait for these apps and can snatch their Android counterparts from the Google Play store.

The sad news for Surface RT users is that the emulator is not compatible with their machines, so they will have to wait for the actual apps meant for the RT slates. Even for Surface Pro users, accessing Android apps through the BlueStacks emulator may result in crashing and lagging of the apps. But that shouldn’t be a surprise since all apps emulators tend to provide a similar experience.

Moreover, many of these apps are simply not designed to run on a 10.6-inch screen, so they may look oddly stretched on the Surface Pro tablet. Despite these drawbacks, it is still good to have a repository of 750,000 apps available for your tablet. You can download BlueStacks for Windows 8 here.

Source: BlueStacks

Courtesy: Gizmag

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