Windows Phone Tango To Support 120 Languages

The Windows Phone is scheduled to get some interesting updates pretty soon: first off there is going to be the Tango and then Apollo, the more substantial of the two. According to leaked information Microsoft plans to roll off Tango in Q2 of 2012, while Apollo will be roasting in the oven until Q4 of 2012.

Paving the terrain for the upcoming Tango release, Microsoft has just announced that the feature will support a whole host of additional languages – 120 in total. Tango constitutes an evolution from Mango who sported 35 different languages. Microsoft’s strategy seems to consist in transforming the Windows Phone in a truly global device, and shipping it to the most remote places in the world. Microsoft seems to have some exclusivity, since iOS only supports 34 languages, while Android can handle only 55.

Since Nokia phones are pretty popular in developing countries, it is safe to assume that the Finnish company hopes to penetrate more easily their mobile markets, especially with such extensive language integration. Another feature we will reportedly find on the new Tango update is that the Windows phone will enable native C++ code. Good news for developers!


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