Microsoft Will Show Off Business App Concepts For Windows 8

So many of us have been wondering exactly what will a Microsoft Dynamics app look like on Windows 8. Microsoft now plans to satiate these queries by showing off business apps concepts for Windows 8 at the Convergence Conference for Dynamics ERP and CRM customers. The concept apps that will be shown off at the conference will be Windows 8 HTML5 Metro-style clients which will connect to Dynamics ERP and CRM back-end services.

Microsoft has furnished a number of relevant screenshots and whether or not your are a fan of the touted Metro-style, you are going to love them. One of these is a shot of the Microsoft Dynamics Start Page. The page is, naturally, Metro-styled and provides a very immersive experience that a user can personalize to his will.

Another screenshot gives a fleeting glimpse of the Project Approval page on a Windows 8 tablet. This app will be able to provide the user with an optimized experience across multiple devices. There are no news from Microsoft as to when the company will launch Metro-styled versions of its Dynamics ERP or CRM wares. But there are hopes that this is going to be sometime soon.

Also, Microsoft will not be the only one showing off Metro-style app concepts at the Convergence Conference. Microsoft’s CRM partners will also be a part of the show and one particular CRM partner which is confirmed to be scheduled for showing off ‘the first Windows 8 tablet app for the enterprise’ will be Sonoma Partners.

The conference may prove to be a very significant juncture for such prospective developers who intend to developer Windows 8 metro-styled apps. Stay tuned for the updates from the said conference.


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