Microsoft Introduces Metro Style Logo For Windows 8

It seems that Microsoft is trying to reinvent the whole experience of Windows by branding Windows 8 as an all-new operating system. The interface of Windows 8 is markedly different, some of it’s features have been introduced for the first time and now Microsoft has announced that it has a new logo for Windows 8. Needless to say, the logo falls well in line with the metro-design that seemed to have gotten a front seat with the company’s aesthetics. 

So finally, the logo of Windows has a window which looks close to being one. The earlier of Windows has been, ever since the brand was introduced, a waving flag. The new logo is a solid window, quite like the metro-interface that comes with Windows 8.

According to a Microsoft official, “We wanted the new logo to be both modern and classic.” Microsoft has been leaning heavily on metro styling. Metro is basically a means of giving a clean, organized, straight-forward look. And this is also manifest in the new logo that has been unveiled for Windows 8. The logo is blue color which in itself, is significant. It manifest freshness, a new start, which Windows 8 essentially is.

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