Windows 8 Beta Might Surface In This February

Good news for fans of Microsoft as it seems that the release of the beta version for Windows 8 it’s on its way and ready to land somewhere around February 2012, according to close Microsoft sources cited by The Next Web.

This is not unexpected news, but it’s definitely good to have some dates on our hands. The Windows 8 hot spot consists in its redesigned form that will allow tablet integration. For this purpose a new kind of app, named by Microsoft “Metro-style” will appear, in order to enable touch-screen technology. The oldie and goldy Windows desktop will still be available, but to reach it, users will now have to go through the new Metro interface.

If it turns out that rumoursville has it right this time, and the beta does come out in February, Microsoft should be on track to delivering Windows 8 in September, just as the tech community has anticipated for some time now. This will be one of Microsoft’s major releases, for sometime, and they are probably not looking to take a chance with it. Therefore, until Microsoft is not extremely positively sure the operating system will be perfect; they will probably not launch it. After all, no one wants another Windows Vista failure!

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