Windows RT Jailbreak Tool Is Now Available Online For Free

As we reported earlier about an hack which enable running any unsigned apps in Windows RT. But that hack described just the process and why it worked, which was not for just any user to use. Now here comes a real package which will enable any user to Jailbreak his Windows RT device. Read details below.

Windows RT Jailbreak Tool

XDA Developers Netham45 has released a Windows RT Jailbreak tool, which use method recently released by clrokr. So now anybody could get this tool and just running it will Jailbreak his device. Microsoft officially said they are looking into this matter and will take appropriate steps. But Netham45 said even if Microsoft fix it via a software update still anybody could revert that update and use this hack.

Check this official XDA Developers forum post by Netham45 for details about Jailbreak tool. Download link, how-to and all details could be found there.

You could read our full coverage and editorial about this matter in the past article “Windows RT Is Now Jailbroken: Details & Facts“.

[Tutorial] How To Jailbreak Microsoft Surface & Other Windows RT Tablet

What do you think? Are you going to try this? Or does it even worth trying? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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