The King of The Graphics

Today, any computer user can get maximum enjoyment from the fast graphics card with dual characteristics that are proposed by NVIDIA. And the fact that it is the quietest available card does not represent an accident; it was meant to be quiet. The card functions based on NVIDIA Fermi class GPU and GTX 590, which were especially designed for those enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate gaming rig.

The King of The Graphics

The new NVIDIA card provides a combined architecture core, 1024 CUDA, and comes in with 2200 distinct components, GDDR5 memory of 3GB and 6 billion transistors. In addition, the GTX 590 function provides the right power for the DX11 games that highlight resolutions of minimum 2560 x 1600 pixels.

The NVIDIA Card GeForce GTX 590 gives users the great possibility of configuring their computers with four distinct displays, which are provided by four separate outputs. This way, the new card will never let gaming addicts down as they can easily span gaming across 3D display options. In addition, the high resolution and 3D Vision Surround application provide an immersive, intense, and stereoscopic experience to gaming enthusiasts.

It also brings in a great set of features that presents us the fastest performance of a graphics card. Moreover, NVIDIA provides the most scalable platform (multi-GPU), which permits gamers to add one more GeForce GTX 590, so that they can increase the performance of their PCs.

The amazing characteristics of NVIDIA Graphics Card GeForce GTX 590 do not really end here. The card comes along with a cooling system that provides vapor chambers for the best ever acoustics. The GTX 590 functions inside the card at 48dB, which actually means that it is two times quieter when compared to other competitive products. A plastic comparison between products allows us to say that the GTX 590 represents a “quiet library”, while other products are at the maximum point on a “busy freeway” scale.

For the moment, most experts consider that this amazing graphics card is by far the best product that was ever built. It provides something that other cards never had a clue about, namely the leading performance of an acoustic envelop, which makes users crave for it. For the moment, the producer announced an estimative selling retail price tag of about $699. The card is already available through renowned partners, such as Zotac, Palit, POV, MSI, Inno3D, Gigabyte, Gainward, EVGA, and Asus.

For sure, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 card reveals to high quality sound and image aficionados how a top product should sound, perform and look like.

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