Dell S300w 3D-capable Wireless Projector

Pico projector-equipped phones and ditch any other sort of display will be very available and fordable soon, but until then, there’s still a place for projectors like Dell’s new S300w model. Affordable yet full-featured, the 3-D capable Dell S300w Short Throw Wireless Projector combines powerful, high-resolution, up-close projection and integrated wireless functionality with advanced features for persuasive and memorable presentations.
dell s300w
Designed mostly with presentations in mind, the projector can produce a 90-inch, 720p image from a distance of three feet (or 60-inches from two feet), and it packs both built-in wireless capabilities and a so-called “Plug-and-Show via USB” feature for some added flexibility.

* Projects brilliant 60” and 90” diagonal images from close distances
* Up to 2200 ANSI lumens (max) and 720p high-definition (HD) resolution
* Provides for shadow-free presentations
dell s300w
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Ideal for classrooms and conference rooms, the 3-D capable Dell S300w Short Throw Wireless Projector makes presentations easier and more convenient for presenters and audiences alike.

* Don’t be grounded. Go wireless: Enjoy advanced wireless features and experience mobility and flexibility by driving and hosting live presentations wirelessly from virtually anywhere in the room.
* Plug-and-Show via USB: Direct and hassle-free projection via USB flash drive plugged into PC using the Application Token wizard.
* Shadow-Free Capability: Unlike some projectors, the S300w doesn’t cast shadows on the presentation screen when the presenter is between the projector and the screen. This makes for clear, understandable presentations.
* No More Squinting: Up-close projection capabilities allow presenters to face their audiences without being “blinded” by bright projector light.
* Ideal Short-Throw Distances: Even in tight spaces, you won’t miss a thing with the S300w. From approximately two feet away, it projects a crisp 60” diagonal image, and from approximately three feet away, it produces an astonishing 90” diagonal image.
* 3-D-Capable: The S300w is capable of adapting to 3-D, ensuring that you’re ready for the next generation of powerful presentations.
* Closed Captioning: Built-in closed-captioning capability allows users with hearing disabilities to read the audio portion of select video and TV programs as on-screen text.

With large, brilliant images and incredible up-close projection power, the 3-D-capable Dell S300w Short Throw Wireless Projector can deliver persuasive, winning presentations in any room.

*Exceptional Brightness & Contrast: 2200 ANSI lumens (max) brightness and high 2400:1 typical (full on/full off) contrast ratio help to ensure that your presentations retain their impact in a wide variety of rooms and environments.

*Riveting Resolution: WXGA (1280×800) native resolution with native 16:10 aspect ratio offers superb image quality with up to 30% more pixels than XGA (1024×768) and high-definition viewing at 720p.

*DLP® & BrilliantColorTM : Equipped with DLP® and BrilliantColorTM technology, the S300w offers impressive picture reliability.

*Superb Monitoring Capabilities: Crestron RoomViewTM Express comes free with the S300w. This software allows administrators and support staff to perform remote system diagnostics, monitor lamp life, log network activity, and automate tasks through event scheduling. Tasks that once required days are completed in a few mouse clicks, helping save time and money.
dell s300w
Designed to control classroom and conference room presentations, the 3-D capable1 Dell S300w Short Throw Wireless Projector enables multiple users to wirelessly2 share images and audio from where they sit.

* Wireless 4-to-1: With standard 4-to-1 split-screen projection, the S300w simultaneously projects up to four different user screens, conveniently allowing real-time side-by-side comparisons that can increase productivity in meetings and classrooms.
* Multi-PC Sessions: The S300w can wirelessly connect up to 20 PCs simultaneously, bringing people from various locations together and creating outstanding efficiencies.
* Conference Control: Using the conference-control function, a moderator can control and streamline presentations via a Web-based control page.
* Flexible Connectivity: The S300w offers multiple connectivity options to enhance multimedia presentations, including a HDMI connector, a microphone port and dual VGA connections that enable seamless transitions between presenters.
* Wired Networking: RJ-45 allows for network manageability, including power management, updating firmware, checking status, receiving email alerts and more.
You can get Crestron RoomView Express software bundled with the projector for remote operation and monitoring, and some decent enough all around specs, including 2200 ANSI lumens of brightness, a 2,400:1 contrast ratio and, of course, 3D capability all for $999.

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