Motorola Leaks New Devices

Motorola leaks Xoom 2 tablet, Tracy XL watchphone and Slimline, Zaha, Targa and Pearl handsets. The Tracy XL homage to the Dick Tracy watchphone and the grabs also show a bit of the Xoom 2 tablet and Pearl handset along the bottom of the screen in addition to a fleeting glimpse of the previously rumored Verizon LTE handset known as Targa………


Motorola appears to be in the midst of a site redesign following its split earlier this year and with it comes evidence of several new devices. PocketNow first got a hold of the content, but took down the images per Motorola Mobility’s request (which does make the whole thing seem more credible). Luckily, all the photos made the rounds this morning before they disappeared. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect to see from Moto in the future.

Xoom 2:

Xoom 2Unfortunately the only revelation about this product is that it exists. There’s little more than a glimpse at a corner of the tablet, but it will likely have a subtle redesign to slim down the device.

Slimline and Zaha:

Slimline and ZahaThe Slimline’s tag line is “Thin is still in,” a possible homage to the now-defunct Razr. The image shows a sleek, buttonless smartphone – although we’d guess this is the back of the device and the lens above is the camera as it doesn’t look like it’s a flip phone. The Zaha looks to be your more traditional smartphone. The image shows off what is likely a touchscreen and the tagline suggests some fancy new technology will be part of the phone.

Targa and PearlThere’s also mention of two devices (we’d assume phones) called Targa (top arrow) and Pearl, but the available images were miniscule and revealed little to no details. Previous rumors have said the Targa will be a Verizon LTE smartphone.

Tracy XL:

Tracy XLThis easily wins the title of most unexpected product from Motorola. It’s a futuristic timepiece that plays off the Dick Tracy watchphone. All of the other leaked products were Android devices, so the Tracy XL likely has more capabilities than the average wristwatch. Your guess is as good as ours, but our of pure speculation we think the Tracy XL will have most of the features of the average smartphone sans the processing power and storage.


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