Apple Reportedly Making iWatch S And iWatch C: Concepts Revealed

It’s no more secret that Apple is making iWatch. However, earlier we have seen conceptual design of iWatch with possible specifications. And lately, it’s been revealed that Apple is making iWatch S and iWatch C and the concepts of these watches have been spotted.

iWatch C

Earlier, designer Martin Hajek published dozens of conceptual images of Apple products. And lately, Martin Hajek has revealed the images (concept) of  iWatch C and iWatch S.

iWatch C And iWatch S Concepts

According to Hajek, Apple is making both iWatch C and iWatch S watches for men and women. Of these two, one is a “premium” iWatch while the other one is a “budget” product.

Colorful iWatch C

He has also mentioned that iWatch C will have different “color” like the iPhone 5C does. On the other hand, iWatch S will have a more premium look, like the iPhone 5S does, including a leather watch band and an aluminum face.

iWatch S

It could be a rumor as till now, Apple hasn’t announced anything about it, but Apple CEO Tim Cook has mentioned that in 2014, many Apple product categories are coming.

iWatch S Render

However, do you think that Apple would release something that might snatch away the spotlight from its iPad and iPhone. Do you think that an iWatch would actually be separated into two different categories like the current generation of iPhone? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: Martin Hajek

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  1. tae rho

    Watch is something different than iPad or iPhone. User must be attached to this product. Also there is no notion of wearable IT device yet (since Samsung screwed up) it has a great potential to be a innovative product. But What can it do? It is less powerful, and more portable than iPhone, but it too small to watch something on it. I think that it can be a great notifier. It could manage one’s schedule. I could be a great recorder. Let’s say it can be a great helper to sport refree, or police, anyone who is busy moving, but needs recording.
    I think that apple should not make different styles at once. That is not an innovation. As apple always did, they should present the notion of the product. To do that, they should precisely understand the core value of the product. They should present a product that can define that industry. Like iPad, iPod, and iPhone did. I hope they don’t get stuck with the wrist band of the watch. It is just an accessory. Like the cover of iPad, and iPhone. I think that they should sell them separately.

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