Market Analysts Say Apple Will Finally Unveil Long Awaiting iWatch This Fall

Apple has long been rumored to be preparing a smartwatch, dubbed as iWatch by many unconfirmed reports. A number of market analysts are now predicting that Apple is sure to finally unveil such a wearable device by fall this year.

Apple iWatch concept

One report by Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald puts the launch date of an Apple wearable in September. Another prediction by Yuichiro Kanematsu of Nikkei Asian Review pegs the date in October this fall. Either way, the market seems to have reached the consensus that with a margin of a month or two, Apple will certainly offer up the iWatch or something similar later this year.

Brian White further claims that the Apple smartwatch will cost $200 and will work as an accessory to the iPhone. Given Apple’s recent launch of HealthKit and other fitness-related features on iOS, White’s statement makes sense.

Kanematsu, on the other hand, says that the smartwatch will run iOS 8 and will feature a curved screen. He further emphasizes the point that the primary focus of such an Apple smartwatch would be fitness-related data aggregation, such as keeping track of your exercise, diet and calories.

Both White and Kanematsu insist that Apple’s supply chain has already geared into action and that the company is currently in the process of bringing together and finalizing the hardware of such a smartwatch. Whether or not these sure-sounding claims by market analysts turn out to be true, remains to be seen. Given the wearable market, it is about time for Apple to join the bandwagon or it may be too late to the party.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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