Apple Working On A Curved Glass For iWatch, Reports NYT

Every once in a while, someone in the press speculates or presents an ‘inside source’ that makes a claim about a prospective iWatch from Apple. So far, things haven’t gone beyond rumors and speculations about such a product. But now, New York Times and Wall Street Journal have reported that Apple is indeed experimenting with a wrist-worn iOS device that may use curved glass.


If these reports hold any truth, they hint that Apple has plans of dishing out something more than a watch which would be a portal to iPhone or iPad. Rather, if such a watch runs iOS, it may be a complete product in its own being.

The mention of curved glass is also an interesting part. Corning unveiled the curved glass in 2012, touting it as an ultra-thin and flexible glass sheet that can be used in LCDs and OLEDs. It makes sense if Apple is exploring the possibilities of using curved glass in an iOS watch.

But even if the reports from NYT and WSJ are to be held on their face value, all they reveal is that Apple is currently experimenting and tinkering with such a product. That does not mean that the company may ready it for commercial purposes any time soon, or at all shall it change its plans later. So we shouldn’t get our hopes too high until we are certain that Apple has commercial plans with such a device.

Source: NYT/WSJ

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