Google Glass Will Be Compatible With iPhone, Full Functionality Not Known Yet

We have already covered a lot about Google Glasses, the augmented reality heads-up display. One thing that was particularly been sitting on the corner was device compatibility. Yeah, it will definitely be compatible with Android, but what about iOS? Thankfully, iPhone users won’t be out of the radar either.

Google glasses
The Verge posted a detailed review on Google Glasses. At some point in the review, it was revealed that the heads-up display can pair to an Android device or iPhone via Bluetooth and use the latter’s data connection. That means, Google hasn’t left out iPhone support when building the Glasses.

However, it is still not clear, if Google Glasses can be paired with iPhone for other purposes, like reading messages or viewing photos from the phone.

The Glasses will be available to U.S. consumers by the end of this year.

Thanks to: The Verge

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