Become a Photographer with Sandmarc Premium Gear for iPhone

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Have you ever wondered why is it more convenient to take pictures with your phone than a DSLR? First of all, you can Shoot on the Go. Secondly, you can capture unexpected moments.

With Smartphones, people are building the habit of taking pictures more than ever. Some tend to take pictures of themselves, which are almost every time selfies, but there is another group of individuals who would rather take pictures to satisfy their creative urges. Furthermore, these individuals would never feel the lack of platforms to showcase their work. Instagram and Pinterest are two of the top Social Media platforms where people who have a hobby of taking pictures, would post their work.

If you have your iPhone with you and you stumble upon something that catches your eyes, you can immediately pull it out of your pocket and start taking pictures. This gives the user the chance of Shooting on the Go. Now let’s compare this to an actual photographer who takes preparation for each photo-shoot to capture the perfect pictures. Sometimes the photographer might be taking thousands of clicks out of which only a handful will get featured. But an iPhonographer does not have to wait for the perfect moment, they can be doing their daily work, busy in their own lives and suddenly stumble upon something that deserves to be captured. This gives us the chance to document things happening around us in real-time.

Enhance your iPhoneography Experience

The Portrait mode on iPhones lets you take amazing pictures that will convince you to sell off your DSLR. But there is still room for improvement. Sandmarc lenses increase the clarity of the pictures you take with your iPhone as well as give other functionalities. The first answer to this question is, anyone who uses their Smartphone to take pictures enjoys the comfort of having to carry a smaller device instead of a bulky DSLR. We have to keep it that way, otherwise, there is no point of enhancing the experience. This is where the size of the Sandmarc lenses get an edge. You can carry these lenses like a gadget that fits into your backpack.


I was reading this amazing blog on titled “Does your iPhone take better pictures than a real camera?“, where I stumbled upon an argument that read like this- due to the fact that I can easily hold my iPhone in the right position and angle that lets me capture the best picture, it definitely gives me an unfair advantage over anyone who would take a similar picture with a DSLR or some other Smartphone.

So if you have not thought of it this way before but are a devoted Smartphone Photography Enthusiast, then you should know you can use addons over the native iPhone camera to capture amazing images.

There are four different types of Lenses from Sandmarc.

Wide Lens Edition
2x Wider Capture
This lens will let you include more of the background landscape in your image, this makes this lens perfect for taking pictures of a large number of people.
Fisheye Lens Edition
5x Wider Capture
This lens will let you capture spherical images.
Macro Lens Edition
Small, Vivid Details
This lens will let you take images of tiny objects.
Telephoto Lens Edition
2X Zoom
This lens is meant for zooming in on things in order to take pictures. It is ideal for wildlife photography.

Wrapping Up!

We just learned that we can enhance the iPhoneography experience using Sandmarc lens add-ons. There are 4 different types of lenses suited for different modes of photography. Do let us know if you have tried the lenses before.

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