MMA Referee Records Fight On Video, Thanks To Google Glass

Google Glass is yet to be made publicly available but newer and more interesting uses of the headgear keep cropping up. A new video, for instance, shows an MMA referee wielding the Glass and recording an entire fight from his view.


One of the earliest uses of Glass, as envisioned by Google, was that it afforded one complete freedom of movement even while recording a video or taking photographs. In simpler words, you don’t have to use one or both of your hands and focus your gaze at some tiny screen when shooting a video. You simply put on Glass and turn on the camera and that is it.

Google Glass

This particular use is very well spelt in a new video of an MMA fight. Apparently, the referee of the match is wearing the Glass unit and has turned it on to record the fight as it happens. We normally watch videos of actual MMA fights from cameras which are either stationary or from multiple cameras placed at multiple locations. Some of these cameras may be dynamic, giving them some freedom of POV shift.

But that’s nothing compared to the freedom offered by Google Glass. The video posted below is a clear example. Not only does the video offer a more realistic feeling of the entire fight, it lets one see more than what conventional recording shows.

This video is yet another reminder that although Google Glass is relatively new, it can prove truly revolutionary in a whole lot of things. Imagine, for instance, a football player wearing the headgear throughout the game. For football fans, this could be the closest they will get to the actual game. Such uses of Glass in other sports and real-life situations will not only be convenient, it will let the viewers get a better POV.

Courtesy: Redmond Pie

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