Recharge Your Mobile Batteries Instantly Via Charged-Card

Many of you have faced this that your phone’s battery has no charge (or very less charge) when you need to make an important call or answer an important e-mail, and there’s no outlet or charger nearby to charge the battery. No worries, Charged-Card will help you recharge your phone’s battery instantly.


Charged-Card is a mobile charger that you can keep in your wallet. It packs a 400mAh battery in a plastic shell that measures just 5 mm thick and has a tiny LED flashlight. Charged-Card comes with a credit card-size sync/charge cable. However, Charged-Card has five functions for which you want to have it:

  • Functions as a data cable to connect your phone to your computer or any USB port.
  • Emergency battery backup when your battery is dying during a call.
  • Charges your cell phone battery up to 30% when it’s battery completely dries out.
  • Built in flashlight.
  • Emergency charger for friends and family whose battery is dying.

The Charged-Card allows you sync your phone with your PC to get extra charge. You can use the Charged-Card for Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning, or Micro-USB. Note that, Charged-Card is not able to fully recharge your phone’s battery, but it can recharge the battery from 12 to 30 percent.

Charged-Card That Fits For iPhone 4
Charged-Card That Fits For iPhone 4

At present, Charged-Card makers are trying to collect a fund of $6,000 by March 15, 2014 (11:59 pm PT) via one of the popular crowdfunding sources, Indiegogo. As of writing, the Charged-card has gathered $890. If you pledge $30, then you will be able to own a Charged-Card (black or white), but it will be available in March, it will cost $39.99. Here’s a video of Charged-Card.

Source: Indiegogo

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