Circuit Scribe: An Awesome Ballpoint Pen That Draws Real Electronic Circuits

Creating electronic circuits can be a tough job. But with the new Circuit Scribe ballpoint pen, it is as easy as a doodle. You just need to draw the circuit on a paper and it becomes real – just like that!

Circuit Scribe looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen. But it uses a special ink so that when you draw an electronic circuit on a sheet of paper, it becomes a real circuit. Plug in a battery and few LEDs and you realize that the current actually flows through the ink of this particularly smart pen.

The nifty, ultra-useful device has been developed by Electronins Incorporated and it is a stroke of genius. From little kids aspiring for some colorful art to students dabbling in basic electronics circuits, this is a perfect solution. All you have to do is draw the entire circuit on a sheet of paper and then plug in all the components. In other words, there is no need for the tiny wires, no soldering mess, no boards required.

Circuit Scribe is currently pitched as a KickStarter campaign. Launched only recently, it has surpassed its original pledge goal of $85,000 and has exceeded $350,000 in funds pledge to it.

Another excellent feature of Circuit Scribe is that it works smoothly with Arduino, Makey Makey and other open-source hardware that is easily available and affordable. Using the different components that are shipped along with Circuit Scribe, you can design anything from an entire touchpad to switches, arrays of flickerin LEDs and more.

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Circuit Scribe uses
Circuit Scribe

This is one of the best ideas to have hit KickStarter in recent days. If you are even remotely interested in electronics or have kids you want to be creative, this can be excellent addition to your tech equipment. To lay your hands on this special pen, visit the official KickStarter page of Circuit Scribe or use the widget below to pledge funds to the campaign. The minimum amount which entitles you to the ownership of the pen is $20. For $30, you can have the pen and an entire kit of basic electronics components.

Source: Kickstarter
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