Smartwatches Shipments Will Climb To 5 Million By 2014

Wearable gadgets may not be that popular yet, but nearly all analysts agree that they are the future of smart computing. While Google has already unveiled Google Glass, smartwatches may be far more popular. Analysts estimates that by 2014, the volume of smartwatches shipments will reach 5 million.


For now, none of the major mobile vendors has unveiled a smartwatch of its own. Sony attempted its hands on a few of them but the company had little success in the arena. The world’s eyes are set on the likes of Apple and Google, who are reportedly working on smartwatches of their own.

The research firm Canalys has revealed that during 2012, a total of 330,000 smartwatches were shipped worldwide. This number is expected to rise beyond 500,000 this year, thanks to the wild success of the likes of Pebble smartwatch on KickStarter.

In the coming days, the growth rate of the smartwatch market will increase even further. It is only a matter of time before a smartphone or tablet giant jumps into the foray, which will significantly bolster smartwatch sales.

According to the vice president and principal analyst at Canalys, Chris Jones, “Smartwatches will be the most important new product category in consumer electronics since the iPad defined the market for tablets.” The research firm predicts that in time, many big wigs such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and Samsung will jump the smartwatch bandwagon, immensely popularizing the product.

Courtesy: CNET

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