Mio Unveils Special Heart-tracking Watch ‘Alpha’ At MWC 2013

Mio, a company that has been in the heart rate monitor business for 13 years, decided to change the way people think about tracking heart rate by making a special heart-tracking watchAlpha. The company even had pleaded for funds through popular crowdfunding source, Kickstarter, and it finally succeeded to fulfill its funding goal. Later the company started to develop that Alpha heart-tracking watch and recently has unveiled at the MWC 2013. Alpha promises to monitor heart rate without the use of a chest strap.

Mio Alpha Heart Tracking Watch

Alpha comes with soft silicone wrist strap. The watch has two large, green LED beams inside it that can sense wearer’s heart rate. It is built to reliably read the rate of users’ ticker. The monitor of the watch uses an electro-optical cell and that two green LED lights to track the volume of blood under the wrist. An optical sensor analyzes the results, scans the blood flow in real time to supply heart rate data. If the heart rate is too low a blue light lits up; if normal a green light lits up, and if rate is too high a red LED light lits up automatically.

Alpha Heart Tracking Watch

Mio Alpha can communicate live heart rate stats to both Android and iOS devices via a wireless Bluetooth connection. For this, users’ have to use third-party applications such as Mapmyrun or Enomondo to link the Alpha with their phone. Alpha is a water resistant watch. Its price is $199 and can be bought directly through the Mio Web site.

Source: Mio, Kickstarter
Thanks To: CNET

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