Pavlok: A Wristband That Gives Sleepy Headed People Small Electric Shock

It’s really hard to wake up a sleepy headed person. The alarm clock keeps ringing and instead of waking up, some people snooze or stop it and go to sleep again. But the scenario is going to be obsolete. Maneesh Sethi has created a wristband named Pavlok which will give a small shock to these types of obstinate person to change their habit.


The working principle of Pavlok is quite amazing. The person has to wear the wristband on his hand. There’s an alarm clock in the device which people can set as per their preferable time. Usually sleepy head people stops or snoozes the alarm clock when it rings in the morning. But if the person is worn Pavlok and he/she snoozes the alarm clock twice, it will give him/her a little shock instantly.


Dr. Sheri Jacobson, clinical director of Harley Therapy, London has said, “This is an expensive spin on the idea of wearing an elastic band that you ping when you have thoughts or behavior you want to change.”

Different Colors Of Pavlok

Sethi has decided to launch this device later this year via crowdfunding and planned to sell it in the consumer market early 2015. Pavlok will cost $250.

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