Magic Leaps Big Jump Towards Creating AR Devices for Household

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Magic Leap has gained much popularity in recent times. Its first product Magic Leap (ML1) is planned to hit the markets in 2018. Truly, the company has established a new standard for VR/AR headsets. However, now it is planning ahead with its mass-market device-Augmented Reality Supported Mobile.

Magic Leap Creating Augmented Reality Supported Mobiles

Can Magic Leap Attract The Mass Market?

Magic Leap 1 can be viewed as a luxury product. It is great for entertainment purposes. But we also need to consider the fact that it is designed for outdoor use. So what more can be done to attract more people? Ask yourself! What is the one thing you cannot go without even for one single day? Make some guesses. Chances are 80% of you would say your phones.

Close Enough?

Magic Leap Creating Augmented Reality Supported Mobiles

Magic Leap Creating Augmented Reality Supported Mobiles

In a recent interview, the CEO of Magic Leap, Rony Abovitz has hinted it may soon partner with a major telco. Magic Leap will most likely partner with a major telecommunication company to build their flagship phone. A phone that will connect to the Magic Leap via Bluetooth and provide top quality AR/VR experience to all. Furthermore, a major telecommunication company can support the growth of Magic Leap and help to reach its full potential.

However, we can only speculate as to which major telecom is partnering with Magic Leap. The company hasn’t talked about the topic publicly and isn’t expected to do so very soon.

What is Magic Leap?

Magic Leap is a VR/AR headset maker. The Magic Leap headset generates digital lights at different depths. This digital light blends with the natural light to produce lifelike digital objects. Furthermore, its first product the Magic Leap 1 (ML1) detects surfaces and objects. And afterward, it reconstructs them. They also have Visual Perception and Room-Mapping technology. It is used to detect and store the exact location of your surrounding. How good is it if a VR/AR headset doesn’t come with quality¬†sound. The Soundfield Audio technology blends distance and intensity to produce high-quality sound.

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