VivoPlay Brings GPS, WiFi And GSM Connection To Kids In A Wristwatch

Parents are often concerned about the location and safety of their kids. We’ve seen many technology products to help with it but none come anywhere near the all-in-one solution that Evado Filip US is now offering. Branded as ‘VivoPlay’, the product looks like a wristwatch and packs GPS, WiFi and GSM connection.


Imagine your kid wanders off to some place he doesn’t recognize. You are able to discern his location instantly through the related smartphone app. Even if the kid is in an area where the GPS is somehow not working, the watch will send instant alerts to your smartphone.

You can even program five pre-selected phone numbers into the watch. If the kid is in an emergency situation of any kind, he can go for a proverbial red button included in the watch. The button would instantly call up the five numbers and tell them of his location. The charger for the watch is also enclosed within it, making it one whole package.

The design of VivoPlay is excellent, packing the looks as well as durability of a product meant to be in the hands of the kids. The company has plans of offering pre-orders for VivoPlay by the second quarter of 2013. Evado Filip says that it will be partnering with different wireless carriers to enable connectivity on the device.

No details regarding the pricing of the watch have been divulged as of yet. We will keep an eye on this one and update you as soon as we get any more information about it.

Courtesy: Engadget

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