MiStand: The World’s Most Versatile Stand For Smartphone And Tablet

Over the past few years, we have seen a number of iPad stands including Manatee with very creative designs. And now, there’s a new stand for your smartphone and tablet called MiStand, which is touted as the “world’s most versatile stand” for smartphones and tablets.


MiStand is an elegant aluminum stand that displays your tablet at any angle you choose. It weighs 470 grams (1.04 pounds), meaning lighter than an iPad with Retina Display!

Measurement Of MiStand

You can position it any way you want.

MiStand Angles

The MiStand uses a magnetic ball joint that gives you fluid 3D rotation. You can even remove the plate from the base.

MiStand Plate And Base

Micro-suction and Polyurethane pads allow it to attach to any tablet, with or without a case. It comes with multiple colors.

MiStand Colors

MiStand also works great with graphics tablets.

MiStand With Graphics Tablets

The MiStand makers have made a smaller version of MiStand called MiStand mini. The MiStand mini weighs 80 grams (2.83 ounces), meaning that’s lighter than an iPod touch! The smaller version is made for phone. It comes with same styling like MiStand.

MiStand mini

The cable slot of MiStand mini has been designed to allow any standard sized USB lead to be passed through so you can charge/sync your phone.

MiStand With Phone

Here’s a video for you.

Along with 19 days left as of writing, the MiStand as well as MiStand mini makers have already collected an amount of £15,585 in pledge of £5,000 via the popular crowdfunding source Kickstarter. For more details, hit the source link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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