Google Glass Owners Can Now Invite A Friend To The Explorer Program

Google has finally kickstarted what seems to be an active marketing campaign, meant to expand the scope of Google Glass. The search giant has now sent out exclusive emails to the owners of Google Glass Explorer Edition, offering that they can invite one friend to buy a Google Glass prototype.

Google Glass email

The Explorer edition of Google Glass was fairly limited, so it was mostly bought only by developers. Now, Google is apparently seeking to send out more Glass units, but only in a more controlled fashion.

To this end, the company has sent out an exclusive email to the current owners of Google Glass Explorer Edition. The email reads, “We love sharing glass with our friends, because adventures through Glass are more fun with others.¬†Here’s your chance to invite one friend into the Glass Explorer Program.”

The invitation essentially allows the lucky friend to qualify for buying the limited Google Glass unit. However, to be eligible for the nomination, the friend will have to be at least 18 years of age, a U.S. resident and should be able to pick up the device in San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles.

This is an excellent move, from a marketing standpoint. At one hand, it lets the current Google Glass owners get a real special feel and at the other hand, it ensures that nearly all owners will bring as many new potential buyers for the gadget on board.

Courtesy: CNET

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