Control Google Glass UI Through Android Device With Updated MyGlass

If you are among the lucky few who have been able to land their hands on a Google Glass unit, you need to check out the new MyGlass update. The update essentially lets you mirror the user interface (UI) of the gadget on your smartphone and then control it from there.

Google Glass

MyGlass companion app for Android device is already quite popular among the owners of Google Glass. The app has been updated so that the screencast experience of Google Glass can be easily mirrored on your Android handset.

According to the updated app, Glass users can now ‘touch/swipe/tap to control the Glass UI through the screencast experience.’ In other words, you can simply control the interface of your Google Glass by firing up the MyGlass app on your Android and tweaking the UI settings from there.

The feature lets you remotely control the interface of Google Glass. You can, for instance, hand your Glass unit to another user and still control the interface through the app, letting you see what the other user is up to.¬†However, many users have reported that the new feature isn’t working very smoothly and may need an update on Google Glass too.

Source: Google Play
Courtesy: Engadget

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