The Jump Is A Smart And Ultra-Portable Smartphone Charger

When it comes to smartphone chargers, users typically stick to the brand of the handset. If it’s an iPhone, only a charger would do. Same goes for other handsets. But ‘The Jump‘ may change the game by offering ultra-portability coupled with other smart features.

The Jump

Currently, this smartphone charger is up for a KickStarter campaign. Although the campaign initially set out to gather $40,000 in pledges, the total amount has surpassed $300,000. In other words, the idea is a smashing hit with the smartphone users out there who are lining up on KickStarter to back the idea.┬áSo what makes ‘The Jump’ so special and extraordinary?

For a start, it’s the ultra-nifty size charger that gives it sleek and hassle-free looks. It is sized at 50 mm x 50 mm x 13.6 mm and weighs a mere 50g. The iPhone version of ‘The Jump’ comes with a Lightning port whereas, a microUSB version is good to go with other handsets such as those from Android vendors.

Another remarkable feature of ‘The Jump’ is that it also has an internal battery of its own. It makes use of the AutoCharge technology so that as soon as the connected handset is fully charged, ‘The Jump’ automatically starts redirecting the power from the source to its internal battery. The internal battery itself is 800mAh and can easily provide up to four hours of talk time, or 87 hours of standby time, to a regular smartphone.

The charger is still up for backing on KickStarter and you can snag one for a mere $40. Once the KickStarter campaign closes and the charger is made commercially available, it is going to cost 20% more. If you are one of the backers, you can expect the nifty gadget to arrive in May this year.

Source: KickStarter
Courtesy: BGR

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