Google Introduces Home Try-On Program For Prospective Glass Buyers

When it comes to Glass, Google is using some really brilliant marketing tactics. The company has now rolled out a home try-on program which lets prospective buyers check out Glass frames for free and see which they like best.

Google Glass

Google Glass is not publicly available yet and to lay your hands on it, you have to get really lucky. So far, it has been handed out to developers and notable tech personalities and companies. But if you really want to be on the buyers list, Google has a cool new offer for you.

The company has sent out an email exclusively to such people who have expressed their interest in buying the gadget in the past. In this email, Google announces a new home try-on program for Glass. The program will essentially let such buyers reach out to a hotline and place their orders. Once their orders are accepted, they will receive a home try-on kit from Google. This will include all the frame styles and colors of Google Glass.

Google Glass email

Of course the Glass units will not be functional and will be treated more or less as frames only. The intent here is to let prospective buyers try on different styles and colors, and allow them to see which one they like best. The pilot program is for free but Google will charge you $50 on the credit card, which will be returned once you hand back the kit.

This is yet another piece in Google’s strategy to create adequate momentum and interest out there before it finally makes Glass publicly available. And we are pretty sure this strategy is going to work very well.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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