GPS-enabled Smart Shoes ‘LeChal’ Launched To Show You Direction

Imagine you are alone and heavily plastered and can’t remember where you live, but the address/location is stored in your phone. But you are in a position to use that. In this situation, how will you go to your home? Well, your shoes will take you to your sweet home! You heard me right.

GPS-enabled Smart Shoes

An Indian high-tech start-up Ducere Technologies, founded by two engineering graduates, Krispian Lawrence (30) and Anirudh Sharma (28), has created this GPS-enabled smart shoes. The shoe, actually sneaker, is called LeChal, which means “take me along” in Hindi.

Krispian Lawrence Holding The Inner Sole Of LeChal

However, the LeChal shoes come with a detachable Bluetooth transceiver that links to a smartphone app to direct the wearer using Google maps, sending a vibrating signal to indicate a left or right turn. Apart from this, this red color shoes, actually sneakers, can also count the number of steps that the wearer drops, measure the distance traveled and calories burned by the wearer.

GPS-enabled Smart Sports Shoes - LeChal

Lawrence said in an interview, “We got this idea and realized that it would really help visually challenged people, it would work without any audio or physical distractions. But then we were trying it out on ourselves and suddenly we were like, ‘wait a minute, even I would want this,’ because it felt so liberating not having to look down at your phone or being tied to anything.”

Lawrence and Sharma have received 25,000 orders for the shoes. Being a pure functional footwear, they believe that LeChal will attract people massively. However, the LeChal shoe will go on sale in September and it will retail at between $100 and $150. For more details of the shoe, visit the official site

Source: PhysOrg

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