HTC Readies Wearables Devices Including A Google Now Smartwatch

HTC has been on a downward spiral in terms of sales and profits. But the company now plans to stop this decline by offering a range of wearable devices. Among these, sources claim, is a Google Now smartwatch.

Google Now smartwatch concept

According to industry sources, HTC is planning to pitch one of its three upcoming wearables to the carriers at Mobile World Congress next week. This one is a smartwatch which will be based on Qualcomm‘s Toq smartwatch, featuring a Mirasol display as well as Bluetooth connectivity and a music player.

The company will apparently show off the smartwatch only to some selected carriers. It will not be open for the public, which may mean that HTC does not have the final product yet.

Meanwhile, the company is readying another two wearable devices. Among these is a music-playing electronic bracelet as well as a Google Now smartwatch. Google Now is a service that offers extensive functionality, providing day to day updates and info to the users within seconds. A smartwatch based on this service can possibly turn out to be a success.

And right now, HTC really needs one of these products to be a hit. The company has unveiled one promising smartphone after another but they have failed to catch on. As a result, HTC has been reporting annual losses for some time now. A breakthrough in the wearables industry can provide HTC the much-needed revenue and success it desperately needs right now. But for that, the company will have to the smartwatches right.

Source: Bloomberg

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