Thousands Of Medical Students Watch Surgical Operation Live Streamed Using Google Glass

We have seen many intriguing uses of Google Glass ever since the wearable debuted. Now, a surgeon has pushed the envelope further by using Glass during a surgical operation, allowing thousands of medical students to stream the operation live as it happened.

Google Glass surgery

This is a very promising and unique use of Google Glass. The surgeon, based in UK, was to operate on a cancer patient. He wore Google Glass throughout the procedure, showing live how the cancerous tumor was removed from the patient’s body. The video does not make for great viewing for a common user but for anyone with an academic interest in medical sciences, this is the sort of stuff that was never available before.

Nearly 13,000 students hit the web to watch the event streamed live from the said surgeon’s Google Glass. He was even able to hear queries from these students and respond to them during the procedure. This helped the students not only view the operation in detail and grasp even the finer details.

The extraordinary thing about this whole episode is that never before medical students had such direct learning connection to medical procedures. Now thanks to Google Glass, there are talks of including such live-streams into the curriculum of medical students. Without a doubt, such an updated curriculum will benefit prospective surgeons and doctors immensely.

And on a broader view, one can foresee that such live-stream lessons and on-the-ground procedures could be offered to students from all fields. A painter may live-stream the event of creating a new painting. A field engineer may live stream how to work on a given machinery. Opposed to regular online videos, live-streaming allows those who are tuned in to directly ask questions and get a better understanding.

Source: Telegraph

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