Magico’s S7: The Speakers Your Ears Want You to Own

Magico, an American speaker company based in Hayward, California, is known for its high-end speakers and for their ability to manufacture all of their parts on-site. So, when they unveiled their S7 loudspeaker, a 300-pound (136 kg) behemoth, people in the know took notice. The announcement had audiophiles foaming at the mouth.

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The S7 made its North American debut a few weeks ago at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. Magico describes its newest offering is a full-range loudspeaker with new tweeter, midrange and bass driver designs derived from the “engineering triumphs” of the M-Project speaker.

For those of you not as up-to-date on your audio lingo, The Dig’s “Speaking the Language of Surround Sound: A Glossary of Terms” will help you make sense of the hoopla surrounding the S7 and some of the information we are about to cover.

Top-of-the-line craftsmanship isn’t cheap

The S7, which was derived from their ultra-lux M-Project speakers, is for diehards who aren’t afraid to spend more on a set of speakers than most people spend on cars. The M-Project’s little brother retails for $58,000 a set, which still puts the speaker out of the average Joe’s price range. You have to be a Texas Oil baron or Jay-Z (he’s got 99 problems but cash ain’t one) to afford Magico’s M-Project line. Those retail for… wait for it… $130,000. And, the M-Project series doesn’t even come close to being their most expensive set of speakers. Let that sink in for a minute.

So what is the big deal about Magico’s S7 speakers?

Everything, really.

The S7 features acoustic suspension enclosures (AKA sealed speaker boxes). Sturdy side panels are made from 1/2 inch aluminum and form the stylish speaker boxes. The finished product is polished to shine and available in several colors. It’s an impressive piece of American engineering that is extremely easy on the eyes.

The S7 debuts a new 6-inch midrange driver and tweeter. The midrange’s housing is crafted from the same high-speed polymer Magico used in their S3. It is impressive. The enclosure “controls the back wave pressure and creates a perfect and isolated operating environment.” The tweeters feature “a diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm and neodymium-based motor system.” Yeah, you might want to Google that nugget.

Additionally, you’ll get a heightened listening experience via the S7’s three 10-inch bass drivers. They will transform your listening experience by producing some of the richest bass you have ever heard.

Magico is one of the best speaker companies in the world. And their prices reflect that. The S7 probably won’t ever make it into your listening room (you have a listening room, right?), but it really isn’t designed for the average home anyway. Still, the S7 is an amazing loudspeaker that you should treat your ears to. Look for it to come to your town, and experience it for yourself. Only then will you fully understand the buzz.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Driver Complement: 1 x 1″ MBD26 Tweeter, 1 x 6″ MCG8005 Graphene Midrange, 3 x 10″ Bass

Dimensions: 55.53″H x 16.27″D x 18.48″W (141cm x 41cm x 47cm)

Sensitivity: 89dB

Recommended Power: 50-1000watts

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 50 kHz

Impedance: 4 Ohms

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