Swiss Starup Noonee Launches A ‘Wearable Chair’ To Sit Anywhere

Swiss startup Noonee brings the ultimate chair solutions as they offer wearable mechatronic technology based chair which lets you to sit anywhere without a chair.


This special kind of wearable chair by Noonee is called The Chairolution. It is a wearable ergonomic leg device. The project is based on a research from the Bio-inspired Robotics laboratory at ETH Zurich. It’s very light weight and energy feasible lower legs posture supportive device.

Chairolution is basically designed for dynamic market to ensure the user’s health, physical ease and productivity. They want to change the experience of workers in Switzerland as Noonee team members are from Zurich. The five members of Noonee developed this locking leg support devices which straps to your legs. After getting strapped in, you just have to press a button to get settled. The carbon fiber frame will hold any position your legs take and it becomes a chairless chair or you can say invisible chair. According to Engadget, “The secret sauce here is a battery-powered dampening system eases the load on your lower back and legs by supporting your body weight and directing it down into your heels.” Here’s a video of this invisible chair.

Noonee has submitted the technology for patent. The company is now focusing on factory workers, but it will also look for something more. The commercial model of the device weighs 2kg and it will work for at least eight hours after fully charged up. Noonee has not mentioned about estimated price yet.

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