MEMI: A Smart Bracelet For Women That Notifies Important Phone Calls, Text Messages And More

There are many bracelets for men and women available in the market. Some bracelets can even remember PINs and passwords. However, there is a new bracelet especially designed for women called MEMI. It comes with smart technologies and can notify important phone calls, text messages and calendar alerts.

Bracelet MEMI

MEMI more like a smart bracelet rather than a smartwatch. The design of the MEMI has been created to resemble a regular silver bracelet, but under the hood it contains Bluetooth technology that allows it to pair with wearer’s smartphone, and will vibrate when they receive a message or a phone call, which they can choose to filter via the accompanying iOS app.


The MEMI bracelet will also feature a hidden USB charging dock in the clasp and an embedded LED that users can use to check if the device is working. To quickly stop vibrations from an incoming call, wearers simply have to tap MEMI twice. Besides, MEMI will hold a charge for five days, on average, depending on how many calls and texts wearers receive each day. This bracelet is compatible with iPhone 4S and up. Unfortunately, at this moment, MEMI is not compatible with Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, or Palm phones. Check out the promotional video of MEMI.

Now the MEMI makers are trying to collect a fund of $100,000 by Nov 28, 10:41 a.m EST via the popular crowdfunding source Kickstarter. As of writing, the project has received $25,979.

If the project becomes successful, then this bracelet will be shipped in August 2014. The MEMI will cost $150. For more details, hit the source link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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