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Microsoft Explores Possibility Of Augmented-Reality Glasses For Xbox

Augmented reality glasses have long been the stuff of fiction but more recently, they have entered the realm of reality. Google has certainly taken the lead on this front with its Glass Project. Now, software giant Microsoft seems to be considering the possibility of augmented-reality glasses for its game console, Xbox.

Augmented-reality glasses

This has been hinted in a recent patent application by Microsoft. In the application, Microsoft details what the possible augmented-reality glasses would be like and what functionality they may offer.

The filing reads, “A system and related methods for inviting a potential player to participate in a multiplayer game via a user head-mounted display device are provided. In one example, a potential player invitation program receives user voice data and determines that the user voice data is an invitation to participate in a multiplayer game. The program receives eye-tracking information, depth information, facial recognition information, potential player head-mounted display device information, and/or potential player voice data.”

The filing further states how the data gathered from the user is put to use, “The program matches a potential player account with the potential player. The program receives an acceptance response from the potential player, and joins the potential player account with a user account in participating in the multiplayer game.”

This essentially means that the augmented-reality glasses would let two different players occupy the same virtual space, getting the feeling of interacting with each other in person. When coupled with Xbox, such a gadget can be an immense hit. But since it is only in patent filings for now, we can safely assume that it will be a long while before Microsoft actually launches it, if it does at all.

Courtesy: CNET

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