Mini Mobile Robotic Printer Gets Roaring Success On KickStarter

Here is one of the most innovative projects we’ve seen on KickStarter in a while: a Mini Mobile Robotic printer that you can carry in your pocket. It is amazing because like many other mobile devices, it turns the until-now bulky printer into a sleek, small device.

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

The best part about this Mini Printer is that it addresses a very real need. We have gone mobile for the most part these days, what with the smartphones and tablets and internet access at all times. Despite this mobile revolution, printers have remained the same bulky gear that has to be used in office or at home. Until now, there was virtually no way to get a print truly on the go.

Mini Mobile Printer is a tiny, futuristic-looking gadget that packs the rudimentary functionality of a printer. All you have to do is set it down on a paper and use your mobile device to print whatever text you want to print. Moreover, given its size, this nifty printer is able to print text on even small paper sizes.

The bottom of the printer packs an inkjet connection. You need to slide a hatch at the bottom to reveal this inkjet and then place it on top of a paper. A single inkjet in this printer can last up to 1,000 printed pages. To charge up the printer, there’s a USB connection and upon every recharge, the printer is able to last nearly an hour or so. The Mini Printer is able to move along a page thanks to small wheels appended to its bottom. The corresponding app allows you to accurately determine the position of the printer and make sure it is right before you begin printing.

The early bird black version of the printer costs $180 together with $20 shipping charges. For those who haven’t signed up yet, sadly all early bird slots are gone. You can still pledge $200 for an early bird Titanium White printer together with $20 shipment charges. Estimated delivery of these pre-orders is January 2015. The project has already surpassed its goal of $400,000.

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

So far, Mini Mobile Robotic Printer has received raving reviews, especially because of its immense usability for a huge number of users. Whether you are a student, doing a job or running your own business, being able to take prints on the go with the help of a nifty gadget is a huge help.

Source: KickStarter

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