DoCoMo Announced World’s First Wearable SIM Device!

At present, multiple SIM card supported smartphones are available in the market. But lately, Japanese company DoCoMo has announced world’s first wearable SIM that could let people use one number with any other device!

Wearable SIM

DoCoMo has designed a Portable SIM device. The device is pretty amazing. Instead of placing a SIM card inside a smartphone or tablet, users have to wear it on a smartwatch-looking bracelet.

SIM Wore On Hand

This smartwatch-looking bracelet supports Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication). And due to having Bluetooth and NFC support, users can easily transfer data to their tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, or even in-car informatics systems. What more important about the device is it has an interface that will let users access social networking sites and shop online.

Portable SIM

Besides, Portable SIM will also store wearers’ ID and passwords of various accounts, so they don’t have to type them in when they shop online or access other sites. To tackle security issues, the SIM card’s phone number will be locked once the Bluetooth links to the external device ends.

DoCoMo is really optimized with the device. But at the same time it’s true that further development to the device is needed. It is expected that the device could provide an easier way of switching between handsets in the future.

Source: NTT Docomo
Thanks To: Gizmodo

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