Neurocam: A Camera That Automatically Shoots Whatever You Find Interesting

An ‘automatic’ camera may not sound like a very appealing gadget to most people. But add a dash of intelligence to such a device and it may become something worth-having. Neurocam, for instance, is a camera which is able to automatically shoot only such things which a user finds interesting.


The camera has been developed by the Neurowear team, a Tokyo based group which has developed many similar gadgets and devices in the past. The smart thing about Neurocam is that it takes into consideration the user’s mood and feelings at a given time, rather than randomly shooting videos.

In all, Neurocam comprises of a smartphone and a customized brainwave sensor. Current prototype model of Neurocam uses an iPhone, together with its camera, which is mounted to one side of the user. The sensor records and analyzes the brainwaves of the user at regular intervals. It then deploys an analytics algorithm which rates the user’s interest level between 0 and 100 at a given time.

If the user interest level exceeds 60, the sensor prompts the camera to create a five-second GIF of whatever the user is looking at. In this way, Neurocam is able to create GIFs of only such moments which the user finds interesting. You can also turn on the ‘manual mode’ of the equipment and start shooting Neurocam videos on your own.

While for now, Neurocam is being pushed towards people who enjoy life logging, the act of recording a huge portion of their lives on video. But analysts suggest that in the coming years, such an equipment can be very significant in the commercial arena and can be used to gauge the preferences and interests of the consumers.

Source: Neurowear

Courtesy: Gizmag

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