Nook Simple Touch Price Drops To $79 From $99

Good news for the crowd who are thinking about buying an E-Ink e-reader this holiday season; Barnes and Noble has lowered the price of its Nook Simple Touch e-reader to $79. This is a $20 price cut from the previous price of $99, which makes it the cheapest e-reader of its kind in the market.

Nook Simple Touch

The Nook Simple Touch features a 6-inch touchscreen E-Ink display (800×600 pixels), Wi-Fi, 2 GB internal storage, and packs it all in 7.48-ounce body. This e-reader can last up to 60 days with Wi-Fi off. What comes as a bonus is its Android operating system, on which the device runs. And, you won’t be bothered with special offer ads like in the Amazon Kindle.

One of the closest competitor of Nook Simple Touch is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. ┬áThe latter also packs a 6-inch E-Ink touchscreen display, but features a higher resolution – 1024×768 pixels, and has a built-in front light. Rest of the specs are almost same, except that it doesn’t pack an Android operating system. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite sell for $119 with special offers, and $139 without special offers.

Another competitor of Nook Simple Touch from Amazon is the Kindle 4th Generation. The latter features a similar display in terms of size and resolution, but doesn’t feature touch sensitiveness. It packs a slightly lighter body, and a lighter battery. Amazon Kindle 4th generation sell for $69 with special offers, and $89 without special offers.

That means, Nook Simple Touch is the best deal you can get in the market, right now.

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