Survey Finds Major People Not Interested In Buying Apple Watch

Apple unveiled its long awaited smartwatch dubbed as Watch on September 9. While it was thought that many people would be crazy to have this watch, but a study has found that very few people are interested to buy this watch.

Apple's Watch

Before release, a survey found that 19% of consumers were interested to buy Apple’s Watch. But at then it was thought that the ratio of interest will be high after the revelation of this watch. Apple Watch comes in two sizes – 38 mm and 42 mm, and three different finishes. Apart from this, there are six different bands, some in multiple color options. The watch includes inductive wireless charging.

Apple Watch

There will be a more durable Sport model and a high-end Apple Watch Edition, which will be finished in 18K gold. Besides, in a commercial, it’s been revealed that Apple Watch has a secret feature called Time Travelling. Apple has confirmed that it will release Gold Apple Watch, which according to a jeweler, may cost $1,200. In addition, the watch includes iOS 8 and it focuses on fitness and health tracking. Such attribute of Watch should have taken itself to people to a new level, but it seems like calculations went wrong.

Gold Apple Watch

In a recent survey conducted by Canadian investment bank, RBC Capital Markets, it was found that out of 6,000 people surveyed, only 11% of them said that they had plans to buy the Apple Watch. 24% went on to state that they are uncertain, meaning that assuming all 24% do end up buying it, that means only 35% of 6,000 participants would actually buy it. Those are some pretty low numbers.


Is it the price tag of $349 or poor battery life of the Apple Watch, for which people are not interested to buy it? Or there is something else? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Source: Market Watch
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