PQI Showed NFC-Encrypted Flash Drive

There are a lot encrypted flash drives in market from different brands offering cool options. But time to see something new and different; PQI showed NFC-encrypted Flash Drive at the Computex 2013. To use this NFC flash drive you must have a NFC-enabled device to toggle its access mode.


The drive has four types of access modes – full access, read-only, one-time access (and remains hidden afterwards) or hidden in the app. When the encryption is done on the storage controller level, you can’t even see the dongle from your computer’s drive utility if it’s hidden. You have to type in your preset password, and then tap the flash drive to access data; you don’t need to be plugged-in with your device. In order to change the setting you have to provided the password every time. It’s not even possible to format the drive unless you unlock it.

The NFC-encrypted flash drive will be available in 8GB and up to 64GB of storage space. And the flash drive is expected to launch later this year.

Source: Engadget

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